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May 11, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 27

DAY 27: [WE WIN. 1,100 IN ONE 

Everything's fine, everything's
fine, until it's not, you gonna
believe me, Jim Jones or your
lyin' fake eyes, white face
black face white face black
you sure look funny wearin'
that mask.
You got numbers, boy, do I got
numbers for you -- your husband
wife children parents neighbors
friends doctors nurses grocers --
numbers going up or down
is this the Dow, is the Dow
up? What's the number? Of
recovered, of beds empty or
occupied, of masks to cover
the horror, the number of
people on stage, how many
centimeters apart, how
many times a day can I walk
around this same block?
I'm not feeling too good
is that number the dead
up to now or predicted
in my country or worldwide
or the corpses right by my side
thrown on a pile
thrown into a hole
-- the Dow's up though
the family tree down
broken burnt diseased
now dead -- count me out.

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