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May 23, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 39

DAY 39: When and if, when and if
shit breaks down, it all goes to hell,
I can't get a good connection
for web teaching -- make do, but but
if my wi-fi shuts down
if the lights go off
if no water comes from the faucet
if there's no heat in winter
if the hospitals close
you're on your own
when shit breaks down
no TV
no Netflix
no more news or numbers
no power tools in the kitchen
no fridge
dishwasher, washing machine
let's move, nope no roads open
car battery's dead anyway
then we are totally fucked
there's no 'make do' then
then it's back to the stone age
in a few weeks, surprise!
better get yourself a gun
to turn this way or that
when shit breaks down
our government already has
lots of farting noise with no
substance, no production
no distribution
what shall we do? what shall
we do?
hug and die, lay down or walk
regret we didn't prepare better
for all the shit that could
break down.

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