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June 4, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 51

DAY 51: After Mother died, after Dad
I had my moments, I was sad, I
felt weak, and confused, I was
challenged by the blues, but then
I rose as one must, to the
occasion, to once more trust,
in tomorrow, to be lived, even in
sorrow, we begin again.

yet what I see now is not the
strength, that is hidden, at home
I think, what I see, on TV, in the
squares, is a world of cry-babies,
out there.

we gotta get outa here, we
can't take any more of this, we need
fast food again, even if we get
sick, even if we make someone else
sick, even if our own families die,
splayed on the floor at the In an' Out,
we need a haircut, we need to get
high, we want to pile into the car and
go for a drive, down to the foodbank
wait for hours, for a box of groceries,
and a whiskey sour, in the homeland.

so we can sit by the barbecue
in the back yard with our buddies
raise a brew
getting lazy,
in this world
of Cry-Babies.

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