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June 6, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 53

DAY 53: Let's just say that you
no, let's say I infected someone
else, I had mild-to-no symptoms
but I was positive for COVID-19, and
unknowingly went out, touched,
inhaled and exhaled, and someone
got the crud from me, I have proof (they 
don't) no doubt -- who would I feel?
would I be wracked with guilt, would
I jump off the balcony like so many
others -- oh wait, nobody's jumped
yet, I could go first -- wait, maybe I
wouldn't feel guilty at all, it's not like
murder in the first degree -- and penance?
can I make it up to the families of
all those whose deaths I caused?
I could go to each survivor and
beg forgiveness -- would I? how
could I make good? here's some
money, I'm really sorry -- all acts
and words useless -- see where
I'm going with this? -- the virus has killed
people of all kinds everywhere, yet
it has also killed guilt and penance --
nothing, nothing, what is left?
no mourning, no one to blame, no
blame, no payment, no consequ-
ences, it's just too 
much, too strong,
everything is 
wiped away,

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