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June 11, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 58

DAY 58: Grandpa, back in the COVID
plague of 2020, what did you do
all day? You had about 100 days
cloistered at home, with almost no
distractions or responsibilities, 
did you invent things
or come up with grand ideas 
to save us all? 
Well, let's see if I can 
remember ... we watched TV
a lot, that I remember, hours and 
hours, the news obsessively and
all those terrible shows they
used to make.
What else?
Not that much, we ate too much,
lots of sugar and salt snacks
and mostly sat on couches in
our pajamas.
You couldn't go out to eat,
so what foods did you miss?
Fast food. -- Oh, yuck.
I don't get it, you had a
unique opportunity, 100 free days
help yourself, help someone else
couldn't you do something better?
I guess we were scared and confused 
and weak, we waited and hoped
we wouldn't be the next to die.
What about living?
Sometimes we tried, but everyone was 
bored and depressed, "too depressed
to get dressed" we said, so not
much happened until we could
finally go outside again.
You mean before the second wave?
Yeah, the giant tsunami.
But didn't you know that that 
would happen? It was so obvious!
Sure, we knew, and
went out anyway.

[Now, make a movie about that
I dare you.]

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