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June 22, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 69

DAY 69: Noble Knights and Honorable
Miladys, you are called to a mission
of great personal sacrifice for the good
of the kingdom, your families, your
fellow subjects. That mission is to march
into combat, to fight perhaps to die,
to beat the enemy and restore
order and peace. You are our
champions, you can save us all
if you will, you can be heroes
-- do you accept the challenge?!
CHEERS, swords lifted
Yes, My Lord! We will do whatever
you command, whatever it takes!
Very well, look at this map I'm rolling
out on the table. Faithful John,
you are positioned here -- but that's
my house -- yes, and Maid Marion
you here -- that's my house -- and
Big Ben you here keep careful guard --
my house, I knew it -- and the
rest of you, the same # hash tag
(what?) # hashtag Stayathome.

Oh, wait a second, no way, I need a hair-
cut. I want some donuts. I gotta
see my friends. I'm going to the
beach. I don't care about any
saving humanity mission -- SIRE, I

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