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June 29, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 76

DAY 76: What is good? What is
bad? Are those questions with
answers? Is a plague, for example,
a bad thing to fight with all
possible means or should we just
let go and let die? Is death a
bad thing to mourn or are we
creating our own Rapture to
fulfill our faith's belief in
the Apocalypse? Are rules
good or do we just defy and do
what we want? Is truth good
or is everything fake, a conspiracy
against us in a world where
2 + 2 can give any result?
Is keeping your children safe
a value or after we voted to
kill our parents, our kids are
next? Is love good or bad,
our leader, Big Brother, has none,
should we be like him? Is money
good or bad, are we willing
to risk gruesome death alone
for ours, which we never got, or
theirs, which grows like a 
virus -- love of billions
infecting billions until there
may be billions of losses but
billions will remain to ask
-- what happened? what was
wrong with you lost people?
Many questions, few answers.

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