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July 6, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 83

DAY 83: chorus: Words, words, words
Words, words, words
Words, words, words
Words, words, words.

Why can't we do better?
I've met some very intelligent
people, very skilled professionals, those 
who do good work, articulate in describing it
people whose decisions are based
on strong ethical principles, 
we should be ready for 
anything, able to cope 
and problem-solve.

What the hell? It's all broken
down, nobody seems to know
anything, we're swimming in
a pool full of toys, junk, empties and untruths.

-- We are human beings!
-- We can do better than this!

Flailing, cowering, hiding from
ourselves, hiding in our former
habits to negate a new abnormal world order.

-- What is change? A pandemic
alien invasion, worldwide
financial collapse, climate dis-
aster, power shutdown, flesh-
eating fungus, and worse?

 -- What did we think? It would
go on forever, no change is good
change? We don't control our
destiny, but we adapt, don't we?

Don't we? -- We are human beings!
lost children, falling and incapable
of rising up again, what happened
to our strong noble race?
Why can't we do better?

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