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July 8, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 85

DAY 85: Answer the call --

Can I have a few volunteers --
I need volunteers for an important
experiment called reopening, RE-OP-EN-ING,
it's not exactly a scientific
experiment, that comes later,
maybe, it's a people's experiment
I need a number of volunteers
at least ten thousand, maybe
ten million, to walk outside
into the yellow fog of the plague
your prize? -- burgers and fries.
the losers? -- the ones who die.
but the best thing is that you get
to play yourselves on a film set
a reality show, the world's biggest
of the daily life of your past self
not a thing changed, like your
bedroom after your first semester
at college, oblivious to the pandemic
the what? I need a haircut
I need a Mai Tai, I need a new tattoo
that says: "I survived the 2020 Crud "
because you're strong, righteous
and brave, brave enough to
answer the call, rush out to
the mall, spend your broccoli
doing something, anything
to make those cash register bells ring
Get out, get happy, get naked, dance, sing.

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