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July 13, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 90

DAY 90: Aw, screw it, let's just pretend
pretend our lives will never change
our climate will never change
let's get a spritz and gab about
our high school teachers with all
the beautiful people wannabes
we don't even like very much
(hoping always everywhere for sex
with almost anyone -- instinct rules)
every time, let's go into the street
meet and greet, get plastered, get
laid, live to fight another day -- or not --
at this point, who cares?
I'm fed up and don't need an excuse
-- some girl, some skinny girl
is talking about change, life-style
change (masks indefinitely, distance
forever -- what a crock!) and something
else I can't be bothered with -- climate
change -- I mean I'm pissed off about
price change, I just paid $10 for an Irish
coffee that last year was only $7, so there --
this bullshit about climate change --
let somebody else deal with it -- fossil fuels,
big f-ing deal! -- let governors and captains
of industry take care of it -- I'm sure they will --
I just want to talk to that blonde and
offer her a $10 drink, chat and hope
to get lucky.

Live or die, luck, good or bad,
that's all.

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