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July 16, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 93

DAY 93: 1990-2020 growth,
change, progress, hope.

-- I can't have AIDS, I feel great.
-- I don't need a mask, that's a hoax.
-- Is it transmitted by kissing or shaking hands, nobody knows.
-- I can't get COVID, I'm young and strong.
-- It'll be over soon and we can toss the damn condoms.
-- It'll be over, maybe already is, let's go out and get an aperitif.
-- No, I won't ever, I can't wear a helmet, it messes up my hair.
-- Seatbelt? No way! It wrinkles my shirt. In a wreck it'll cut you in two.
-- Airbag, why? Just another rip-off. Life is an adventure, live dangerously.
-- No. This mask makes my shades fog up, I can't see well. I want my freedom: I CAN'T BREATHE.
-- It's uncomfortable. I feel very uncomfortable.
-- I know several people who've died.
-- I know a lot of people who've died.
-- Here in the Castro, entire buildings were emptied of occupants.
-- Dying alone in a hospital bed, seeing only someone's eyes.
-- Let's build a movement.
-- Please give generously.
-- My friend died, my brother died.
-- I don't feel so good.
-- Let's build a movement.
-- Gay cancer, it's only gay cancer.
-- Only the flu with a fancy name.

2020-2050 growth,
change, progress, hope.

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