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July 20, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 97

DAY 97: We're all huddled together
behind trees and parked cars trying
to cover our eyes and mouths as
soldiers or SWAT or stormtroopers
advance full riot gear shooting,
we think, rubber bullets, for now
we could cloister in the church, that
should be a safe haven, but they're
shooting the nuns and priests now
on orders from their commander
William Low Barr, eternally damned,
and other white supremacists --
Sons of Adolph -- because we are
committing the crime ... mass
arrests, ramming the crowds,
targeting journalists (all liberal
scum) ... the crime of mourning
a man we saw killed, we were there
we heard his last breath choked out
we sat at home, quarantined by the
contagion and we saw and said: ENOUGH!

We stepped outside risking our
lives to say ENOUGH not to the TV
or to inform political-social progress
like the smug commentators say,
we went out because we had to --
ENOUGH! -- in the face of the goon army
(ex-US Army), in the face of the stronger
more-frightening COVID-19, we had to face
the killers -- STOP, lay down your swords
and join us in peace or at least
get your knee
off my neck --
i can't breathe.

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