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July 22, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 99

DAY 99: Well? It's almost over -- the
pestilence, no that's going along fine, killing
methodically like a grim reaper machine, the quarantine
the lockdown, the hunker down, the hibernation
the hiding at home hoping the boogerman
won't find you -- did he? we'll know soon --
when they let us out, can we party?
they say no but we will anyway --will we
be animals running in a stampede
like shoppers on Black Friday?
I'll wait for you in the car -- can we eval-
uate, give ourselves a grade -- Cabin
Fever or Hermit Syndrome, which won out?
for me, the Hermit Syndrome won and is still winning
but I've always been an agoraphobic-introverted type
for you, though, it was Cabin Fever the winner
you're ready to fly, got plans for fun with friends --
no end --no end to fun, no end to friends -- no end 
to our nation-states, our human rights, our health
wealth and sanity -- all we wants is NO END
in sight -- and to see this we have to go outdoors
to check on who's left to look into the mass graves
and watch the lucky leave the wards, look up,
thank the stars -- if you keep hiding in fear, Hermit 
the Frog, you'll never know, never know any real news 
from the street, never know your friends, yourself,
your sanity.

The safe house was nice, but
it's time to leave. The sunlight
is bright, but it's alive.

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