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February 26, 2021

Mourning # 7

Mourning # 7


Your body is infected

germs in camo vests run

into the halls and offices

of your whole healthiness

looking for a pinhole weakness

they’re on drugs yelling crazy shit

banging on doors with fists

and they find the pinhole

there are plenty all around

how did they get in?

why did they come?


You are infected now and could die

can you imagine

your last gasp

your final tweet

closing your eyes

for the last time

all so sad you’ll say

and preventable.


---- former Connecticut trooper

a first responder at Sandy Hook

his name is Patrick Dragon

he died at Hartford Hospital

deputy chief of East Brooklyn

Fire Department after retiring

from the State Police, 34 years

on December 14, 2012 in Newtown

at Sandy Hook Elementary where

28 were killed, 20 young children

his sister called him ‘the bravest

person I know’ he rushed into the

school and what a scene!

are first responders doing their jobs

heroes? they do it for the paycheck

but they also do it as helpers

find the helpers, support them

mourn for them, even if they are

not gunned down on duty but are

taken away by the modern black plague.



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