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February 28, 2021

Mourning # 9

Mourning # 9


If I could decide I would not eat pizza

again tonight, I mean I would, I will

but I wish I were eating only healthy

wonder foods prepared by a private chef

and I would not smoke drink or watch

television or obsess on sex or sports

video games or sweeping the garage.

I wish I had more self-control:

I decide – I do / my life – my rules

except then they invite me over and it

seems bad to say no – to friends

to ads, to spiritual mojo. I do

not wear a mask when I go out, I

should but it’s uncomfortable, and

how can I not hug my aunts and uncles

I may never see again?


---- Isai Morocho was a Junior at East High 

in Madison, Wisconsin. He died 

from the novel coronavirus. 

His school district office released

a statement … heartbroken … tremendous

loss … impacts us all … take precautions

His principle said … caring friend …

ready smile … great sense of humor.

As if they filled in the name on a form

did anyone know Isai? His friends:

great smile … very funny … good student

good brother to his little sister … his writing

was outstanding.

That could be the real Isai. When he read

his essay he made the class cry. There, that’s

somebody special. His aunt warned the public

to wear a mask as she said Isai always did.

GoFundMe page for funeral costs.




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