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March 5, 2021

Mourning # 14

Mourning # 14


Sadness, emotional pain

D.W. Winnicott believed that sad crying

was “the psychological root of valuable

musical experiences in later life”

a sad face is indicated by small pupils,

in Spencer’s Faerie Queene sadness is

“a marker of spiritual commitment”

seasonal affective disorder (SAD) associates

lack of light to sadness as serotonin

levels drop. Prolonged sadness can

become depression unless it does not. A

traumatic event like a break-up or firing

can cause sadness, as can the loss of

1,950,000 people (so far) worldwide to

the hungry beast.


---- Erika Becerra, 33, couldn’t wait for the birth

of her second child. She died 18 days after giving birth

She never got to hold her baby. Erika was healthy,

had no underlying conditions. Her son, Diego, was born

healthy. After the birth Becerra’s oxygen levels dropped

and she was intubated. She died on December 3.

She had had a baby shower in October with her husband

Diego and young daughter, Erika Guadalupe, but was never

able to hold her newborn son, Diego. Erika Becerra, a

strikingly beautiful woman, was described as “selfless

and caring.” Her brother told CNN while sobbing, “For her

other people’s happiness was her happiness.” She could

have been infected during a prenatal hospital visit. Death

from COVID-19 in pregnant women is considered “uncommon.”

No one else in Erika’s family tested positive for the virus.

She was 33.

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