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March 14, 2021

Mourning # 22

Mourning # 22


The monarchs come up from Mexico

and gather in the eucalyptus trees

in Pacific Grove, south of Monterey

except in the last year the orange and

black beauties are scarce, 400,000

fewer conclave as living leaves

flutter mate feast celebrate life as they

should. 2 million gone – we’re all butter-

flies here today then away we fly

yet when I see those nearly naked trees

I cry.


---- Brian R. Miller, 52, went blind at 20

and nonetheless traveled to 65 countries.

He spoke several languages: Spanish German

and Russian. He earned a Ph.D. in history and

had limitless knowledge on any subject. Brian

worked on disability rights for the U.S. Dept.

of Education. His mother said: “Nothing was

going to stop him…” After receiving condolences

from people all over the world, she said: “It’s

overwhelming and really gratifying to know how

many people he touched.”


When he died of COVID on April 30, 2020, Brian

Miller was planning to travel with his guide dog

to Ireland, Mongolia and Ukraine.




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