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June 26, 2024

Coming to get you!

I'm making a list. In or out, on or off the bus, as my buddy Wavy Gravy says. I'm sending out friend requests by the millions, maybe to you too. Won't you be ... my neighbor? The purpose of this unusual attack mode is that I should have two books coming out in the next few months, a large collection called Method & Madness, and a third installment of short poems called Chill Pills, with translations in Italian by the author, me. I want to give these works some of the exposure that the last three (Bitter Pills, Smart Pills, and Exile's Choice) didn't get because of the pandemic. So, I'm pushing myself onto you poor souls, friends, family, and acquaintances in order to provide you an opportunity to join those who have already discovered my writing (pardon the disgusting marketing language). Anyway, if you want to be on the mailing list send me your email to or follow me on Facebook: martin.pedersen.7106 or Twitter X: @emartinpedersen or Instagram: emartinpedersen or here on my personal blog or my writer blog, which are interconnected. That's it, look out, I'm coming to get you, naughty or nice, BOO!


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