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April 26, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 12

DAY 12: I felt like this after 911
after the Trump election
King, Kent State, Kennedy
after wars start, natural disasters
at home away from home
I didn't feel like this after Mother
or Father died, that's different
plus, I've had the hard
heart beat, fight or flight
surrounded by bears at midnight
on the operating table when
the doc goes "oh shit"
and yet
we really could all die this time
for so long -- now 15 days
and counting, today a thousand
tomorrow ten thousand
movies have been made
how they keep us interested:
will our favorite sexy actors
get the disease and/or recover?
there's no cure, there's no prevention
oh no
they last a couple hours, the end
or a really scary movie of
catastrophic proportions might
take you in enough to keep you
awake -- one night, one hour
to now
I haven't slept soundly
for over two weeks
I'm starting to feel weak
as I imagine we all are:
did those actors really make a video
singing, "Imagine there's no people ..."?

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