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April 27, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 13

DAY 13: Obedience
the government, actually the mayor,
says stay (the fuck) home and we stay (the fuck) home
even though il Duce said trying to
govern Italians was pointless
I look out the window, however -- nobody
the joggers are gone, dog-walkers
too -- as if they went into hibernation
season over, dig a hole, jump
inside, and pull the hole in
after you
okay, good, fear keeps us safe
but what happens when 
the government cancels the
election, what happens when
it's martial law, shoot anything
that moves, the TV becomes all
propaganda, the plug pulled
on truth-tellers?
I dreamed of living with a ghost woman 
who would not say no, reflexively
who would not yell I must
go out and get some air some
fruit, we have no fruit!
even if it means contagion
even a risk of contagion
don't you people know how 
to suffer, it's no-fruit day
part of no-fruit week
stay home -- obey
please can I tie her down -- no
she went out sound
did she come back in-
fected with cooties
we'll know in 14 days --
let's let
live live and/or die die.

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