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April 28, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 14

DAY 14: The mime was right all along
the walls are closing in
don't touch them, everything's septic
imaginary glass and missing shadows
most of all us, most of all our minds
on TV they give numbers -- all false
that's okay, we want false numbers
underestimate by a factor of ten
please seem 'upbeat', look on the
bright side, give us some good
news for a change, for a change, again
-- I may be all wrong
but it seems like nobody knows
how to suffer anymore, how to hurt,
okay, in Syria they do, I mean here
have you never been hungry
when there is no food at all
no money to buy any
the hours click by and you try
to do something, concentrate
on not being so hungry?
ever been thirsty, had to ration
water, been dehydrated for
miles? ever been poor
I mean not a dime sideways
no one to borrow from
ever been homeless
ever been shoe-less
ever been friend-less
doesn't everyone have someone?
no birthday when not a single
human being remembers you
a Christmas with not a single
present, not even from yourself
to yourself -- it ain't nice, ask
the tents under the bridge,
it ain't nice, but, you know,
you can do without
you can abide.

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