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May 3, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 19

DAY 19: I just got done slicing jalapenos
now I have to put in my
contacts because we're having a
Corona party online
I can only see four friends
(video chat program limitations)
at a time but it'll be crazy fun
to watch each other get drunk
eating the guac and chips I got
yesterday when I went out to
the grocery store (still open) for a
week's supply of brewskis that might
only last a couple days.
I did not open carry to the
Save-Mart but I will be
cocked and loaded to guard
my beer supply from my room-
mate's bad habits,
if this Corona party works
we could do it again next week
for my birthday except that
my girlfriend won't or can't
come over and I hate my house-
mates who steal my shit so I'm
almost ready to go online
to some virtual dating service
with naked pictures included
and laugh with a stranger like 
we've never laughed before, loud and long
that expiration of bad beer breath
keeps the evil spirits away
then wash everything down
with alcohol
so much alcohol --
cocked and loaded, baby.

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