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May 4, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 20

DAY 20: What's happening what's the
problem what's the solution can
we brainstorm this away
critical thinking on hold
on pause on hold, hold me
baby, hold me somebody in your
virtual arms, it's time
to get small
to let the walls close in
to feel the embrace of your
get small
go in, further in, suck in 
the world, the nation, the neighborhood
out the window, suck in
the buildings, the house, the rooms
the things you can see right now
inside, inside yourself
inside your belly button
leave your mind alone
look down your drain
suck all existence into your
center and ...
and pull yourself in behind it
pull yourself into your self
nothing matters, your life
history or your feelings
or your physical sensations
turn yourself inside out
pull into your navel
and be reborn.

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