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June 14, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 61

DAY 61: Are we learning yet?
What really matters
does your hair matter
does your car matter
does reconnecting with old high
school friends matter?
does art, reading, movies, music
does healing, hospitals, health
are we learning yet?
what are those rich bastards
doing with all that public money
they're cheating out of us
while so many suffer
like they want to highlight
that they're cleaning up during
the plague -- over here look
at pathetic infantile black soul
million-dollar me, building my big
pile in the face of you can't take 
it with you -- you don't matter
you don't exist, I'm trying to
stay alive, I'm trying to stay
sane and prosper, thrive
in a pandemic -- yes, not 
merely survive but grow, change
reach some maturity big enough
to take this all in, to understand
the shaky ground under my feet, right 
now -- two naked people in the
garden eating fruit
and then all this.

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