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June 17, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 64

DAY 64: Oh man, you're morbid,
Get out of the graveyard!
No. I need to dwell, to dwell
in the graveyard for now
I need to be where the trucks full
of coffins are, be there
so you remember, here's the scene:
you're Christopher Walken
and I'm Robert De Niro
or vice versa, I don't care,
and you spin the pistol on
the table, there's money there
you smell blood and sweat
so strong you're not thinking
straight, then it's your turn
you chances are okay: 5 to 1
I don't think you can walk away
maybe you could have earlier
but now you're in it, committed
-- they've opened 8 states
opened the schools and bowling
alleys, fast food and tattoos
the holiness churches and
polling stations, meat-packing
plants and video-game parlors
not to mention brothels and
crack-houses, and the filthy
warehouse where men gather
to bet on death and laugh --
and this, it's okay, your chances
are 5 to 1, or so -- CUT!
change casting, send in the 
stunt doubles, put 2 Republican
governors at the table, or the
President and his favorite daughter
-- rolling, annnnd ACTION!

Is there no other way out?
I think there is.
Nobody's forcing us to leave
"the safety of our homes."

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