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June 18, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 65

DAY 65: Let's play a game
lots of game-playing these days
this is a math game
X is to Y, it's called
what would you give up for what
question mark
like in Lent or New Year's or Ramadan
or fasting or any self-deprivation
give up something to get something
okay, ready?

Would you give up chewing gum
to save your teeth? Don't answer
sugarless gum, you don't get to
wriggle out, A for B, yes or no?
Would you give up smoking
to live ten years longer guaranteed?
Yes or no, would you give up air travel
to save the Earth from climate-change?
Get it? It gets progressively
harder to say 'yes'. Another --
would you wear mask and gloves
whenever you go out to save your
kids' lives? Too much to ask?
Would you stay indoors for a
solid year to save the lives of every
doctor and nurse in your country?
Will they really die if I say 'no'? You know
my business will fail ...
I will not have funds to bet
on horse-races anymore, and
I might live in the tent-city I've
only driven by in my Lexus ...
What would you sacrifice? to
save your own skin, naked and afraid
alone and hurt, shame without end
alive or dead -- no game.

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