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July 2, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 79

DAY 79: Hi. I'm Corona Virus
aka COVID-19, and I'm a DJ
singer (hip-hop, rap, freestyle,
dub) and actor. I want to let y'all
in on a little secret -- I was born
and raised in West Oakland town,
California, Mandela Parkway,
and I been around.
I come from the hood but now
I live in Bel-Air so good, with
the big shots, gangsters and real
dealers -- so I wants to tell y'all
this: this plague it kick yo' ass
I got it bad and I couldn't
breathe and you know a black
man 'I can't breathe' mean what
and I pretty tough mutha but
this plague, man, kick my ass an'
kick yo' ass too -- whether you
black or white, rich or po'
Cali gold or Missoura where my
kin from, whether you smart
or dumb, progressive or conser-
vative -- man, this is the Great
Equalizer, we been fighting for
equality for 400 years, now it
come over a weekend, Fri. none
Mon. some, we all everybody
get us our 6 by 3 in the end, you
think it's hitting black people or
old people -- wait a few minutes
it'll get around to y'all whoever
you is.
Peace Out.

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