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July 3, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 80

DAY 80: I need to start sniffing
Adderall just to keep up --
the new strategy seems to be
cook the books, Cook the Books --
economic numbers down -- reopen
even if a lot of people die
because we'll just stop counting
they didn't die, numbers don't lie
we have great numbers, the best
you say outbreaks in factories
no, that never happened, ask the
authorities, ask me, never happened
I have the books with the numbers
they're all good, good books
people in churches die -- no
I think not unless they are
reopen whatever the cost
because you can hide the cost
say it's low, low cost
budget, economy class, bankrupt
their problem, mine is fine
my organization has great
numbers, just look here
you think those are fake
you're fake
and the federal investigators
are all my buddies, very fine
so we're doing great, never greater
great again, America first
master race, master race.

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