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July 4, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles, Day 81

DAY 81: 250,000 families crying
they're everywhere, I'm one, however
however, we need sports, health
I guess is first, food water air
warmth shelter and then sports
the ridiculous restrictions
are hurting the national games
baseball, soccer (European football)
and curling -- we need our heroes
-- we need something to root for -- 
think of the damage to the psyches
of the young, think of the damage
to the economy you're doing
with your 'dangerous to reopen' crap
can't you see how strong athletes are?
if one is ill take him out, DL
but why isolate the whole team?
what are you mad scientists
thinking, haven't you heard that
the virus is over (almost) --
impact on profit revenue margin for
ownership group and shareholders?
lost salary/or not lost salary
for players and coaches? -- we
pay you play -- corona be damned
get your butts on the field! Sons
of bitches! I order you! we need to
wave flags, cheer, wear strange outfits
(so what if tens of thousands gather, 
our choice, free country), even in a
pandemic, death everywhere, we have
our priorities.

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