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February 21, 2021

Mourning # 2

Mourning # 2


2020 was the year of death

the Grinning Reaper gorging on souls

not everything or everyone died, of course

but the demons circled all around 

like stone-throwers taking us down

I did not die in 2020, for example

some people I know did and many

famous people I liked

and ideals and illusions and self-esteem

the art of touching another

with your hands last practiced

in February 2020, the year in between.

Time out. Have we been in punishment,

in solitary confinement, on death row,

are we now released? No.

not until we resolve our grief

not until we explore our grief

eat grief for snacks with our TV

(dancing with the stars)

we will never be COVID-free.


---- Kim Hussli, ne Kim Derleth, 78, former teacher, died of the novel 

coronavirus on August 29, 2020. Days after her funeral her daughters

Heidi (also a teacher) and Heather got the bug along with Heidi’s 

hubby. Heidi had trouble breathing, two weeks after her mother’s

death, "We knew we shouldn’t hug at the funeral," she said, but ...

Heidi (47) died too. Heather said goodbye on her tablet. 

The feed went dark. “In 19 days half my family …”  she said.

In Green Bay they hide cause of death, but Heidi and Kim became

known and were mourned by students and friends, not by internet

trolls who say that COVID does not exist. “The evil comments broke

my heart.” she said. “Why her and not me?” she said.





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