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February 22, 2021

Mourning # 3

Mourning # 3


Uncle Joe will be leading

us in prayer

for the last year no one

has been there.

Now we so need to cry

for all who have died

because even in the land of hate

we care.


---- Li Wenliang, on December 30, 2019

told his friends by chat that seven patients

in his hospital had a SARS-like disease

all came from a local seafood market

within hours his text message had

been disseminated and he realized

he would probably be penalized

for giving the warning in Wuhan

the authorities were outraged

Li was questioned, he was forced

to confess, he was already coughing

he had a fever, he checked into a motel

to protect his family, he had to return

to work but was soon hospitalized

by mid-January there were hundreds

the rumormonger, Doctor Li Wenliang,

aged 33, died on February 7, 2020

of the novel coronavirus known as

COVID-19. He leaves a wife, Fu Xuejie

and 2 small sons, one of whom was

born to his widow in June 2020.




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